How To Make Your Fleet Of Vehicles More Efficient

Managing a fleet of vehicles is a fulltime job and requires constant measurement, analysis and refinement of your processes. Just because your vehicles seem to be running smoothly and your numbers look OK doesn’t mean that there isn’t opportunity for improvement. There are a number of things that you can do to make sure that your fleet runs more efficiently but we’ll cover just a few opportunities for improvement. Pay attention to each one, apply them to your fleet management process and reap the rewards. car parts is here.

Reduce Your Fuel costs

There are a few ways to reduce your fuel costs. Improved fuel efficiency and negotiated fuel prices are your biggest opportunities. Improvement of fuel efficiency can come from both your vehicles as well as your drivers. Proper maintenance of your existing vehicles can improve their fuel efficiency and the cumulative effect across your fleet can be significant. Simple things like replacing or cleaning air filters can have a marked effect on how much fuel your cars use. How heavy your drivers’ feet are on the pedal will also have a big effect. You should be measuring the consumption of fuel for each driver and not just the cars. This way you’ll know if a particular driver has driving habit that lead to poorer fuel efficiency regardless of the vehicle he is driving. Proper driver training will help your staff to understand the benefits of smoother acceleration and reduced top speed. Don’t take for granted that your drivers understand how to make effective gear choices when driving.

Fuel costs can also be negotiated. If you approach a fuel supplier and agree on a fuel card system then you can begin to arm wrestle over the price that they charge when your volumes reach significant numbers. Make sure that you help the supplier understand that there’s a mutual benefit to coming to a reduced fuel pricing arrangement.

Do You Really Need All Those Cars

Reducing your fleet may not immediately sound like a good idea when you’re already under pressure to maintain your on time delivery numbers but it can be a good solution. Selling two smaller vehicles and buying one bigger one can mean fewer trips while delivering the same amount of goods. When you do this then you also reduce the amount of drivers you need to employ. You may also have some vehicles in your fleet that are used more as business vehicles by particular employees. Is there perhaps an opportunity for the employee to take the vehicle on as his own car? Ownership of the vehicle may actually look like an attractive option to the employee if he can get a good deal. If you do this then you retain the services of the vehicle when you need it but, because it’s no longer part of your fleet, you’ve reduced your fleet management costs.

Talk To Your Customers

A lot of times we assume that whatever we’re doing is what our customer wants, because we don’t get any complaints. That may not be the case. They may not be happy with your service but they grin and bear it while looking around for another option. This is the biggest reason why you should be asking them for feedback. The other side of the coin is that you may be over delivering and not reaping the financial benefit. Your customer may be fine with deliveries happening twice a week instead of three times. They’re not going to complain about you coming to them three times a week but they may not be prepared to pay to maintain this schedule. Reduce your trips where possible or ask your customers if they are prepared to pay extra for this level of service. fifa 17 hack

Vehicle Maintenance

This sounds like an obvious thing but regular maintenance of your vehicles will go a long way to reducing the cost of managing your fleet. A good service program means that your vehicles will spend less time being repaired and more time on the road. Make sure that you insist on quality, original spares being supplied from your automotive spares supplier.

By applying the tips above you will be able to reduce the cost of managing our fleet. Your vehicles need drivers will spend more time on the road making your company money.

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