5 Ways To Get More Miles Per Gallon

Filling your tank can be expensive but there are ways to soften the blow to your wallet. Our experts at Cumberland HS have put together these simple tips to increase the amount of miles you get from every gallon of fuel.

  1. Slow down! – Fast acceleration and high speed will kill your efforts to improve fuel efficiency. Lighten up on the gas pedal and you’ll still get to your destination in time with more fuel left over in your tank.
  2. Let it breather – Your car needs air to mix with the fuel to operate effectively. Replace or clean your air filter regularly so that you make it easy to get the maximum air into your engine.
  3. Check your fuel sensors – Your fuel sensors regulate how much fuel your engine needs to take in. A faulty sensor will demand more fuel than is necessary.
  4. Change your plugs – Your spark plugs ignite the fuel air mixture in the cylinders. If there isn’t enough decent spark then your power will be reduced and your engine will compensate by sending down more fuel.
  5. Tighten that cap – A loose fuel cap can lead to a gas leaking out by evaporation.

Applying these 5 tips will ensure better fuel efficiency and more miles per gallon. That means you’ll be making less impact on the environment and your wallet.